Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July Happenings

Well, since I have last written it seems that alot has happened. May be about time for another rundown, here we go......

The boys survived scout camp.

Lyndsey had a GREAT time at EFY (even if it was in Columbia, MO :-) )

Clint turned another year older so for a few months I get to make fun of him.

Justin was called as the Deacon Quarm President - happy day!

Graps/Gran had good vaca in Vegas, but as we know, "what happens in vegas"

Ashton had fun learning tennis and is now taking private swim lessons. He is in training for an August 1st Triathalon...stay tuned.

Talan has decided that phemonia in the summer was not enough, he has taken it up one step and now needs to see an asthma specialist...again, stay tuned.

The twins started swim lessons,
Zach went for one day, then fell off the monkey bars and broke his humorus bone in the elbow and that was the end of that. So much for the new bike and all other summer activities :(
Zoe completed the two weeks, needs more lessons, but we will probably wait till next year.

Kindergarden camp started today, lots of appointments lined up, dentist, eyes, physical, ortho, shots for Justin, hair cuts for all.

Lyndsey leaves for Girls Camp today. She is excited that it is her 4th year!

Justin is going to Arizona on Saturday to hang out with Gpa Alan and get some awsome golf lessons. I'm thinking I need to send a grocery list and money along, he is a growing boy! Will not survive on fat free cookies and quiznos :)

Soon the summer will be over and we will need to enroll the troops. We have had as much fun as we could in the midst of the commotion. I know we have a couple special trips planned in Kansasa and Missouri. It's no disney land, but we will have fun together!

Rebecca, Clint and I are reviewing all cases where insanity was a plea....might need that information at some point :)

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