Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Justin Lane

At the beginning of each school year we measure all the kids (and some adults). This has been a triumphant time for Justin the last couple years because he is the tallest person in our house. 2009 measurement - Five Feet, Nine Inches! He told us that he has a goal to reach six feet, we are not sure how one accomplishes a height goal, I guess just eating us out of house and home!

Justin had a fairly relaxing summer and just entered the 8th grade. Since he plans on becoming the mexican Tiger Woods he spent two weeks in Arizona this summer perfecting his swing. During that time with the grandparents he also enjoyed being an only child for awhile - I'm pretty sure he had grandma wrapped around his finger.

As a Life Scout, Justin is working hard on earning his Eagle rank. A neat thing he is also working on is that next summer he will attend the Boy Scout Jamboree in Virginia. It is the 100th year of scouting and the last year that the jamboree will be held at this site. He has been mowing lawns to earn money to fund this trip.

In the music department he has taken on Tenor Saxaphone and loves it! He will continue with wrestling, basketball and long jump this year. Some of his favorite activies include: surfing the internet, playing wii games, airsoft with friends and watching Conan. He is a very independant teenager and we are proud to have him a part of our family!

Our Track Star!

Setting a good example? or grilling plastic bottle caps on the grill?
Hanging with his peepsA boys best friend, Lady

In his wrestling headgear

Helping with the Christmas tree - he definately gets to put the top on!

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