Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Break

I am back from a long trip on a bus. That's right, a bus. Lyndsey and I went to New York City with her high school band. Let me tell you that from Topeka, KS via Arrow bus company, it takes 31 hours to arrive. I have not been shy about hiding the fact that I did not enjoy the bus ride. But I did my best to happy, for the sake of the kids. I know that they all had fun! In the Big Apple we saw many sights, played hard and slept little. While we were gone Clint took Justin, Zoe, Zach and Reid (Justin's friend) to St. Louis. They had a great time. Here are a few picture highlights:
Ok, this first one is a "you had to be there moment", but is for all you John Lennon fans.

Tim is showing off how much he looks like a monkey :)The Chrysler Building

This is a game called how many hotdogs can Tim eat in a minute.

Our band took second place and received a trophy that is only about 6 inches shorter than my daughter...

Ok, here is the St. Louis contingent:

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  1. Awesome! All lokks like lote of fun (except for the bus ride.....YUCK! I don't even do around town bus rides with the kids!