Monday, June 14, 2010

Catch Up

So it is June and I find myself terribly behind again in the blogging world. Not that it really matters because I am confident that you are not sitting on the edge of your chair waiting for my amazing posts.

Not much has changed in our busy life, but I thought I would share updates on everyone and a few photos. Another school year has come to an end - good news - all four kids advance to the next grade!! In the fall we will be proud parents of two high school students (holy cow) and two first graders (again, holy cow).

Summer plans - Lyndsey is working (yipee), Justin is working on his Eagle Scout project (double yipee), Zoe is attending day camp and Zach is having a blast at summer school. Other activities include: dating, working out, golf, swimming, reading, EFY, bike riding, trips to zoo, and family camping.

I enjoy having the kids at home, and not just for the free labor. They make me smile a little every day. Here are some choice moments from the last couple of months.

Lyndsey is on the color guard squad again next fall and did very well at tryouts.

This is actually a VERY funny story. Lyndsey is allergic to cottonwood trees, particuarly when they are dropping all their cotton seeds and cotton is just flying randomly in the air. We took a camping trip over Memorial Day weekend. When we got out of the car cotton was flying everywhere - and Lyndsey was already suffering just from working outdoors. I was not sure what to do, since we would be living outside for a few days. Thankfully I am the emergency preparedness queen and amoung other obscure items in my first aid kit I found swine flu masks. So for the entire trip, this is what Lyndsey looked like!

Here is Zoe on the last day of school. We are so proud of all her accomplishments this year.

While at the lake, Zoe made an awsome sand castle. The camera ran out of batteries, so we took her back to have a photo with it. I just love her blue eyes in this picture!

The twins were being sweet and sharing a listen on the IPOD. Caution - this does not happen often. Last weekend the twins participated in a fun run. They both ran a 1/2 mile race and completed it. They were so cute "practicing" for the run by doing laps around the cul de sac for a couple weeks in advance.

Zach has always been our hoarder. He finds things everywhere, he can spy things on the ground that NASA probably couldn't find. Anyway, we recently received some packages in the mail and he quickly confiscated the cardboard. He then found other trinkets from his room and proceeded to make a robot - completely recycled material :)

On the last day of school Zach had a friend spend the night. After dinner they went to his room. They came down and Zach had outfitted his friend in a baseball hat and wrestling shoes. Here they are fashioning a pulley in our tree limbs in order to more swiftly climb said tree. Future scouts look out!

Oh, just a little of what I have been doing lately. This year our strawberry patch was MUCH more than we could eat. I decided to learn how to make freezer jam. This was my first of five batches made. I am told that it is quite good.

Lady got her hair cut today. They groomer said she was such a good girl that they played with her and gave a mohawk. Justin loves it and says he is going to fix it that way every day.

And last but not least.... THE GRADUATE (from middle school :) )

On May 24th Justin was promoted from middle school to high school.

With his best buddy - Porter.

Um, after promotion Justin went on a limo ride with some friends, er ladies? The story was that about five other people would be on this ride, including some male persons. But when it came time to leave, this is who was going. It seemed to late to not let him go, so we did. He had a really good time, drove around town and ended with ice cream. I am sure that he was a perfect gentleman. This picture is a sign of the times we have ahead of us...what a ladies man!

Jazz anyone? Justin playes the tenor saxaphone for the band at school. His favorite type of music is jazz.

I had to throw in a birthday picture so he can not claim second child syndrome.

Here is a photo of the relay team. In addition to long jump, Justin did the 100m, 400m, 4x100m and 4x4oom races this year. He had a blast, improved his times and is looking forward to next track season. The only down side is that it is the same time as boys golf...he has to choose :(

I just love this picture. Can you see why he is a total heartbreaker?

Ok, so here is what Justin did while we were camping. He has recently been declaring that he is too hot for clothes. He does not mean the temperature. His new recent past time is working on his tan - he wants to be tall, dark and handsome!

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