Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hello Summer

We are tan, we are ready, we are bored.........

Already? No really, all the kids have gotten into a routine quickly.

Lyndsey - wakes early (8:30 ish), showers, primps, dresses three different times, listening to tunes all the while, rolls into work at 10am, faithfully taking her 2 Facebook 15 minute breaks, works hard, on the way home by 4...... finish chores, chillax.

Justin - wakes early (11:00 ish), takes time to figure out what day it is and why he is alone in the house, eats breakfast (the most important meal of the day), checks on his sims character, eventually showers, practices his backswing, what is for dinner and how are you going to entertain me this evening.

Ashton - wakes early (7:30 ish), feeds himself, helps his brother get breakfast, cartoons, video games.....ut oh, this week is science camp, no tv this week - get on the bug spray and hats, birdwatching anyone? Tune in for next weeks activity.

Talan - really, need I say more - wake up, eat, breathing treatment, eat, poop, steal household items and hide them for good, eat, breathing treatment, eat, poop, plan elaborate escape from home to endanger one's life, eat, breathing treatment, eat, poop, entertain Justin, breathing treatment, sleep and repeat.

Rebecca - holy crap, does anyone want to trade her lives? Each day she gets to deal with the above and so much more...She is the official summer Taxi (guess perhaps renewing those tags soon will come in handy :) LOL - very long story. But on the bright side, her tan is way better than mine and she gets to spend 5-6 hours a day with the best children alive (then we come home and ruin the nice, quiet day of learning she was having).

Zoe - wakes early (7 am would be late for her), eats dry cereal, wants to know why the entire rest of the neighborhood is not up and ready to go. Would like to be 35 as soon as legally possible. Beleives that as soon as I walk in the door from work that food should magically appear on her plate. The upside is that she loves to do chores....can I get in trouble for child labor laws?

Zach - is forced awake by his sister, eats breakfast willingly as long as he gets to sit by Ashton. The day continues as such until Ashston gets feed up and melts down. He then looks at me and says "I didnt do nothing"....the plus side is that he threat to expose himself in public is getting better....we just act like it is no big deal...as long as Zach wins every game, is taller than everyone else and is not fat - we are good....

As for Clint and I....we really are not sure what day it is, how we got to be here, who is going where or how they are getting there. Thank goodness for Rebecca who keeps us all organized and going forward instead of backword. After all summer appointments, camps, swim lessons have been met, we hope to remain one big happy family. Stay tuned for updates :)

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