Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Year End School Events

We have had a busy week already. Saturday, most of us spent the entire day in Kansas City cleaning up Grandma's yard. This was our Mother's Day present to her. It appears that this is the gift that keeps on giving....both my mom and I have poison ivy! What fun. I have lived in Kansas most of my life and never had this, but learned the following recently:

1. Poison Ivy rash is an allergic reaction to an oil the plant produces.
2. Contrary to popular beleif, no one is immune to this allergy.
3. It is not contagious, person to person, you actually have to come in contact with the plant.
4. Topical cream does not really help, you have to let it run its course.
5. When they say "let it be", they are not kidding!

On a happier note, yesterday was Lyndsey's band awards night. She is very excited to have received a letter in band! Just wait dad until she asks for a jacket to go with, or is it the boyfriends jacket we need to worry about??

Tonight was Justin's band concert. He started the year playing the alto saxaphone, then changed to tenor sax at mid semester. Here is a photo of his band groupies.

Everything else seems to be moving along. On Friday we had a family outing to be fingerprinted. This ended up being the highlight of the week - trying to see who could roll their fingers on an ink pad then the paper (this is harder than it sounds), and I do beleive that I was the fastest! This was one of the steps necessary to have the twins stay with us. So, by the end of this week the State of Kansas should know everything they need to about us.....

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  1. What a fun week! I'm glad things are progressing for the twinners! Good luck with the poison ivy. When I was a kid summer wasn't summer without 2-3 cases of PI... not fun