Monday, September 28, 2009


As the month closes, I wanted to give a quick recap. Of course the kids are in school - YEAH!

Lyndsey is taking three honors classes and finally finding out how tough High School can be. She is also enjoying throwing the flag for color guard. (And so far no broken bones or ER visits - go L). In the above picture her friend, Tim, is with us.

Justin is getting straight A's and just a little too comfortable with his educational experience. :) I am not sure that his ego could get much bigger! He has officially discovered girls - or rather they have discovered him, and it is just great for us to watch him grow socially.

Zoe is also a good student, she comes home and tells me that she LOVES to learn - Yeah!!! I was fearful that she would spend alot of time in the hall for talking, but her teacher says she is the model student - Really? Are you sure we are talking about the same child? She has started a version of gymnastics called Hip Flop, where she learns modern dance as well as floor routines.

Zachary could do without school. He has some struggles and so it is not his favorite place to be, but we are working on it. He loves his new sport though. He choose to play soccer this fall and is really aggressive with the ball.

We learned that our downstairs tenants will be moving out soon. This comes with many different emotions. Grateful - that Brad is home safe, Happy - that their little family is back together, Sad - that we will no longer get to witness Talan's growth firsthand or hear the daily Ashtonisims, Frustrated - that my card making parter is otherwise engaged, Excited - to move Lyndsey and Zoe around and set up the basement! As you can tell, we have really enjoyed having the Coates family stay with us for the last year....lots of GOOD TIMES!

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