Friday, October 16, 2009

Our Sadness

Well, it finally happened. The Coates family, Brad, Becca, Ashton and Talan have officially moved out. We knew this day was coming, but it was still hard. And I have to confess that I really miss several things. One big this was that in the morning Talan would come to the top of the stairs and hollar for me "Ant Tana". We are grateful that for the moment they are just a couple of blocks away and hope that they are doing well - getting back to being their own family.

They moved out just in time though. We are down with the flu this week. YUCK!! is all I have to say. I am being very cautious and obeying the stay inside rule. Only the well person can go places - Lyndsey. Otherwise we are having to depend on Becca and Mom - thank goodness for family. Once I get better, if I come out in public, please don't cough, sneeze or otherwise in our direction :)

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