Sunday, November 8, 2009

Teenagers keep me smiling

First the good news - tonight Justin told me that I was "a beast". For those of you unfamiliar, this is totally a compliment! When he says this it means that you have done something fantastic, or that you are really good at something. As he was trying to explain it to me, he said it is like when I was younger and we called people "the boss". (Ok, perhaps it is just me, but I don't remember using this lingo). Anyway, the occasion for the compliment was that I figured out how to pull music off his old IPOD, put it on his computer (that we had to recently rebuild due to virus so the music was gone), so that he could sync it to his new IPOD. He was pretty excited because he thought all the music was lost. For someone who barely acknowledges I am alive, this was a pretty big win for me :)

Next and definately the reason that I love my smart, clueless daughter - Talan, age 2, was visiting. He was taking a nap in my room and she needed something, so I consented that she could go after it. She came out empty handed and announced "Before I walked in far enough to see him I knew that he was awake because he was breathing"
REALLY...because he doesn't breathe while he sleeps???

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