Friday, December 11, 2009

Ready for the Holidays

We have had a very busy fall.

Lyndsey finished the marching band season and her school received all 1 ratings at each competition. This is a very nice accomplishment for any high school band. They are pressing forward, preparing for a trip to New York in the spring (which is almost paid for, yeah!!!). She did very well learning how to throw her flag this year and is participating in Winter Guard.

Justin just finished the wrestling season. He plans to participate in the wrestling club through the rest of the winter. He will probably not like that I am posting about this, but he does have a female friend that he talks to on the phone constantly!! Who knew he would be the child to spend so much time on the phone :)

The twins continue to progress both academically and socially. I have gotten acquainted with the term "play date" as this was not a term used when my children were young. Zachary's speech is greatly improved although we miss him leaving the S off of words, never again will the "nake ride the cool bus". He did have a milestone this week - his two front teeth are gone (unfortunately pulled out) so the tooth fairy came. He was very excited and swears that he woke up when she came and saw her - and she is old! Zoe loves to imitate anything Lyndsey does. She is so cute spending time picking out clothes, fixing hair and applying makeup (just a little and only when we are not going out). The twins are to start playing basketball after winter break.

We spent Thanksgiving weekend in Springfield, MO closing down the office there. Took the whole family and while there enjoyed a few local tourist sites we hadn't seen before. One of these was Fantastic Caverns. I have to admit I was not excited to go, thinking it would be silly. Just your typical ride through the cave, highly overpriced. What a pleasant surprise - it was really awsome. These caves were discovered during the Civil War and explored first by women! Many historic events took place in this cave. Additionally the stalagmites are beautiful, it is amazing how nature creates such things.

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