Monday, October 4, 2010

Twins Turn Seven

We have a tradition since all our birthdays are during the school year. We leave a few presents on the kitchen table to open before school. When kids come down for breakfast we take a picture of their year older self! Here is handsome Zach.

and Zoe going right for the gifts.
This definately made the hit list of gifts. Zach got a rip stick (some kind of really cool skateboard thing) and of course protective equipment for every inch of his body. He really loves to ride this. and Zoe got a hair straightener. You might be able to tell that she is kissing the box. She thinks her straightener is super cute and she loves being independent with it. I also love this gift because it helps her hair not look as though she has just crawled out from under the bridge :)

The twins were excited because this year they got to have their FIRST friend party. We decided that separate parties were in order. Zoe's was held on Friday night and the theme was ROCK STAR (of the female Hannah Montana type). We sent the boys packing and had us some real girl fun, make up station (thanks Lyndsey), hair station (thanks Becca), nail station and then the VIP lounge. Everyone gave lip syncing a try!

Zach's party was on Saturday morning. He chose a footbal training camp theme. Clint had a great time making different obstacles for the boys to practice. I think that eveyone enjoyed it! I do have to admit that it made for a very long 48 hours, but it was worth it.

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  1. Oh my goodness! I feel like just yesterday they were turning 5! Looks like some fun birthdays! I didn't have my first straightner till I was 19ish... haha