Monday, October 11, 2010

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Well, I may not be Picasso or even Linnea Hoyos (you just have to know this amazing woman to appreciate that comment), but I did manage to make one little girl's dream come true. As you may know we decided that we had to bite the bullet and let the twins pick out their own room colors. I still have to get to Zach, but Zoe choose pink. I had to have a hand in it and made her pick out two different shades so at least the room could have some design qualities. At first the pink was overwhelming and despite having a 16 year old girl ahead of her, we had never painted a room pink. But I do have to admit that it grows on you, and I actually kind of like it now.

At this point in the story I should tell you that several months ago Zoe saw what she claimed to be her first ever rainbow to see in real life. She is absolutely obsessed with them, she draws them all the time and has memorized the colors and everything is all about rainbows. I asked her if she would like a rainbow on her wall and she readily agreed. Next I set about accomplishing this task. I mulled it all over in my mind and ended up procrastinating it. We painted her room about a month ago and most of her things were still in the loft waiting to move back in.

I had purchased samples of the necessary colors when I purchased the pink, so on Sunday I just decided to give it a try. I have to say that freehand and in about 3 hours from start to finish I made the most amazing rainbow on her wall! The whole time I was painting I was so worried about lines and of course I know where all the imperfections are, but I just want to say that for someone who is not trained to paint, this wall art is pretty cool! And in the end, the only person I really have to please is the seven year old, right?

Confession: during the making of the product below, I did have a serious palsy moment and spilled about a cup of green paint on the carpet...oh well? Good thing we know someone who does carpet? :)

The mission was accomplished and Zoe was appropriately grateful for my artwork. Poor sheltered child thinks that I am actually talented! It was nice to have her huge hug and receive all her compliments. It is the small moments that make long days go much better.

Brother insisted that they should both sit under the rainbow for a picture. My hope that they can experience many more rainbows during their lifetime and remember the smile it brings whenever you see one.


  1. That's awesome! Really, it is. Good job!

  2. Tanya I must say that despite your "imperfections" it is a beautiful rainbow. Remember that as the sun reflects the raindrop, the prism of light that portrays the colors can alter the lines of the rainbow therefore causing imperfections in what we assume are perfect lines. I personally believe that each rainbow is different and not a perfectly straight line. Love You!!!!

  3. Great job!! Don't you just love it when they're happy and think you're the greatest!!

  4. I love it! You have lots of hidden talents, making a little one happy is a great one!

  5. Way to go Tanya! It looks SO great!