Saturday, January 8, 2011

Catching Up

I have known for awhile that my blog has been neglected, but it doesn't bother me too much. Today I decided to update everyone and find that many events have passed with no honorable mention. So I opened up my pictures to see what we have missed, there is alot!

Just to recap, since my last post we have: found our way out of the corn maze, picked pumpkins, carved pumpkins, dressed up for halloween, finished marching band season, ate turkey, one of us traveled to Hawaii, chopped down our family Christmas tree, one of us earned and was awarded the honor of Eagle Scout, Grandparents visited, one of us lost more teeth, ice skated, it snowed for exactly 11 minutes, annual bowling trip with Popes, baked some delicious cookies for the big guy in the red suit, ate some waffles, drempt of sugar plums, all night wrapping marathon, argued with a teenager, up very early to see the huge smiles, eaten our omlet tradition, vegged out all day, one of us tripped over own feet and fell down stairs, hello ER on Christmas evening, a couple people got their hair cut, marathon dr visits during school break, rang in the new year, one of us wrestled in his first tournament...BACK TO SCHOOL!!

Wow, I am exhausted just typing it and remembering it all :) Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the adventure.

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  1. Tanya -

    First off, a confession. I didn't take the opportunity of getting to know you very well before we left Topeka and Sherwood ward. After another recent similar experience when a couple moved from our branch here I am reminded that we need to take every advantage of being charitable (read: looking at others through the eyes of Jesus Christ). Apologies for not being better at that seven years ago.

    When "Rainbow Connection" queued and I was looking at the rainbow bedroom pictures, I just wept. Still am. You are collecting a lot of points by mothering these kids. I could have learned so much from you. Regrets....