Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Good Times

The news of the day is that Lyndsey is trying out for Color Guard at school. This is like dance, but they march with the band and twirl flags....
I am guessing that this requires coordination, and that is something my sweet daughter lacks, however I am being optimistic because she is excited. She is expecially excited because the fundraising activity for this is a summer car wash. She has never been involved with a car wash and thinks that this involves "selling her hot body" ??? Her father has clued her in that she will be attending this event in pants and long sleeves!

My only other news is that Talan is very angry with the fact that Uncle Clint is not here and has learned to use a water gun, only he thinks he is actually gunning me down... since when is it my fault that his guy pal is gone?

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