Friday, April 17, 2009


Just a little introduction. We are the Kansas Bibler's. Clint, Tanya, Lyndsey & Justin. At this point we have willingly (and we are loving it) asked my sister in law, Rebecca and her boys, Ashton and Talan to stay with us while my brother is on active duty for the military. We also may be adding five year old twins to the mix as we care for another family member. I hope that you all enjoy seeing us grow and find out our Good News as it comes about.

This weeks news:
  • Talan can open doors, climb on the table, get himself a drink from the water cooler and feed the dogs - all by himself.
  • Zoe/Zachary learned that the juvinile court system is not always fair, and you have to be much older before you get to choose where you want to live.
  • Ashton learned what an opinion is (and hopefully we will learn to keep it to ourselves).
  • Justin turned 13, and he started texting friends! But he also learned that parents are not just here to pay the bills and he has obligations to fulfill. PS, he jumped 14.1 feet in the long jump.
  • Lyndsey passed her driving test!! Look out world, here she comes.
  • Rebecca learned that Talan can outrun her most of the time, and that she has to shop for 3T clothes for her 20 month old.
  • Tanya learned that it is possible to function on only 10 hours sleep in one week.
  • Clint, well he is just excited that everyone got where they needed to be and was fed this week.

I will work on getting pictures up soon. Thanks for being interested!


  1. Yay Tanya! I like your blog a lot already :)

  2. Hey Bibler's,

    Happy to see you on a blog. Hope to keep up with you and your family. Ready for a family trip to Texas?

  3. Welcome to the bloggong world. Sounds like fun and mayheim at your house. Makes life sweet so enjoy it all. Love to all.