Sunday, April 19, 2009

Life is Grand

The twins were permantely removed from thier mothers care by the lovely Missouri court. Until our family is approved in Kansas, they will remain in Missouri with Grandma Chrys. It is wonderful of her to volunteer this, but will be hard on all. We are all praying that the state workers will swiftly process the paperwork and they can be home safe again soon.

Justin had a neat birthday party on Saturday. Nine friends attended, they played capture the flag during a water gun fight with colored water (kind of a paint ball like tag game - low maintance), then we grilled hamburgers, played some ultimate frisbee, and finished with cake, ice cream and presents! The favorite gift was a 18 inch chocolate bunny!

Lyndsey attended a church dance "Modest Prom" in Olathe. She met some of her buddies from EFY and had a great time. But she was tired today.

Ashton and Becca built a cool robot made from recycling trash. He is awsome and reminds me a little of ET (except with KU buttons).

Talan spent most of his weekend in timeout for screaming or getting into the water cooler. And he had a record of faceplants into the cement - 3!

Tanya and Clint started cleaning out the garage :( and the good news is that we are still married! But it is only half done, so keep up your hopes :")

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