Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I never thought this would happen!

Ok, so when I woke up on Sunday morning I did not expect this. Or any other day, really...

Lyndsey bound into my room (please remember that she is 15) with an announcement. Are you ready?? My teenager LOST A TOOTH!!! What is happening? I know that she still has baby teeth (four more to be exact), but I did not seriously expect her to loose them. However, she is very proud of this. She even took said tooth to church and school to show her friends (who were not as impressed as her - probably because they have not had such an occurance in 7 or 8 years and are totally over it). This is the story of Lyndsey's life as she did not get any teeth until she was 14 months old. Then the orthodontist told her when she was 13 that she had the mouth of a 7 year old (perhaps this should have been my clue that she would still lose teeth??)

I just think that this is particularly funny. I mean the child recently got her drivers license....shouldn't having all your adult teeth be a prerequisite?

My favorite response was from a friend. Lyndsey was asking what the tooth fairy would leave and my friend told her that the time limit on the tooth fairy had expired!!

Here is my proud teenager, with her tooth...

To be fair, I should also put the other highlight of her week. She worked for GpaT doing softball games and earned her first official paycheck. About this she is very excited and can not decide if she wants the money more, or to save the check! She did a pretty good job and recovered from her first night. Here are some pics of her and dad/her and gramps...

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